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Top Wireless Earbuds for Best Sound Quality Phone Calls

earbuds intro imageWireless earbuds have been increasingly popular in recent years, and there are a variety of alternatives on the market. The microphone’s quality is one thing to check when purchasing earbuds. A decent-quality mic guarantees that your voice is clearly heard when speaking to someone.

You require earbuds with high-quality stereo sound to hear every detail of your discussion. A sensitive built-in microphone is also essential so that the person on the other end can clearly hear you. Noise-canceling earbuds can also help a lot by preventing outside noise that can interfere with your voice when you’re chatting. They may be more expensive, so if you don’t plan on making calls in noisy environments, you may not need to invest the extra money.

Apple AirPots Pro Wireless Earbuds

2022 Top Wireless Earbuds AirPots ProAirPods established the standard for phone conversations when they initially came out, and they’re still considered the finest. They continually provide a clear voice for the speaker, effectively separating it from surrounding noise while still allowing the speaker to hear the caller. AirPods Pro continues to uphold Apple’s reputation for excellence in phone conversations.

To preserve excellence the biggest change here is, of course, noise-canceling, and Apple’s implementation is typically techie. Each Pro has two microphones: one on the outside to detect incoming noise that can be canceled out by anti-noise, and one on the inside that detects any noise that makes it through the seal. It also analyses how your music is responding to the individual geometry of your ear. The noise-canceling is continually adjusted 200 times per second, which is quite outstanding. 

Noises that are stable and continuous, such as a train, are almost eliminated, while less predictable sounds, such as people talking, are reduced to a soft voice. When you use the noise-canceling, you won’t feel like the air is being dragged out of your ears, as Apple promised.

Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds

For years, Sony has controlled the ANC market in headphones. Their earbud equivalent is also excellent.  Even before turning on noise cancellation, the passive noise isolation increased dramatically thanks to the revised form and new foam ear tips.

The ANC in this earbud is not only effective, but also clever. Sony’s adaptive sound control may modify the ANC automatically based on your activities. By touching and holding the earphone, you may instantly switch to transparency mode and hear your surroundings. Speak to chat and we’ll turn off ANC while you’re chatting and then turn it back on soon you’ve finished. The technology on display here is rather astounding. These earphones are the smartest just for ANC. The sound quality is fantastic, the connection is decent, and the battery life is excellent, making these earbuds a strong contender for being the best overall.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro Wireless Earbuds

2022 Top Wireless Earbuds Jabra Elite 7 ProThese earphones were created with phone conversations in mind. They offer special options for this, such as sidetone, which allows you to choose how much of your own voice you hear in the conversation. Also, by simply placing the earbuds in your ears, you can automatically answer calls and mute them when you take them out. There’s also a nice equalization here, which allows you to adjust the bass and treble of your caller’s voice without impacting the EQ of your music.

Multi-sensor voice, which employs bone conduction to convey your speech via vibrations in your jawbone, is a key characteristic of the Elite 7 Pro. Advanced algorithms then detect and remove environmental noise like the wind. Even without turning on ANC, the buds greatly suppress environmental noise since the silicone ear tips travel deep into the ear canal and establish a pressure-tight seal. You can adjust the ANC strength using a slider on the Jabra Sound+ app. You can also attenuate more Mid-to-low frequency noises with passive isolation from the ear tips alone when you tune ANC to the maximum level.

For accepting calls on the go, Jabra MultiSensor Voice technology reproduces crisp vocals. Two inbuilt microphones are dedicated to capturing your speech, while the other two are dedicated to canceling out surrounding noise. A bone conduction sensor called a voice pickup (VPU) works with algorithms to project your voice while attenuating everything else. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro has a lot of sophisticated tech and terminology, but all you need to know is that call quality isn’t an issue.

Jabra Elite 85t Wireless Earbuds

2022 Top Wireless Earbuds Jabra Elite 85tEven in noisy and windy situations, the 85t call quality is clearer than the Elite 7 Pro. The 85t is also excellent for phone conversations since the ANC is greater, making it much easier to hear the caller while using the earphones. Compared with the Elite 7 Pro lacks impressive quality features. There are no auto-answer or auto-mute options. Nonetheless as previously stated, it is a fantastic all-around earphone that has many of the same characteristics as the Elite 7 Pro.

The most noticeable difference is the shape and size. The Elite 7 Pro is a smaller and lighter choice that feels much like the 75t, thus they may be preferable for little ears. However, we like the 85t’s fit because it doesn’t produce the same ear-sealing sensation. The overlay tips fit properly but not too deep in the ears, and they are air pressure vents for added comfort. They also have excellent ANC, as seen by specific listening profiles for various settings. They employ the excellent Jabra Sound Plus software, which has a variety of tuning choices. Also added features such as location monitoring, built-in Alexa integration, and a fit test. 

This sounds fantastic in terms of audio quality, with a rich, full-bodied sound and a somewhat warm overall tone. By default, they’re a bit bass-heavy, but you can change that using one of the presets or a custom EQ. In addition, the MySound function may test your hearing and provide an ideal sound profile automatically.

Bose QuietComfort Wireless Earbuds

2022 Top Wireless Earbuds Bose QuietComfortThere are no other earphones on the market that can block out as much noise as these. With performance that is on an equal level with some of the best ANC headphones on the market.

You can save four different modes with the Bose app, each with precise control over the ANC intensity, which is quite convenient. You can simply cycle among these using the responsive touch controls, which include a clear transparency mode. They’re surprisingly comfortable to wear, and the wingtips retain them in your ears rather well. If you do wish to work out with them, an IPX4 water resistance grade should keep them safe.

If you wish to use them for phone calls, the mic quality is rather good. They do a good job of isolating your speech from strong background sounds like traffic. They also include a self-voice feature that allows you to choose how much of your voice you hear during a call.


Nothing beats the comfort and convenience of a well-designed set of earphones. They’re tiny, fit inside the ear perfectly, and are quite portable. You may use them on your daily commute, on work calls, while exercising, or just to relax at home. Unfortunately, not all earbud microphones are of high quality, and some are even lousy. That’s because microphones are sometimes treated as a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than a ‘necessity’ by certain earbud makers.

So, you might as well consider our top selections for the finest call-friendly earbuds on the market today.

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